The Calvert Journal

A guide to creative Russia. The Calvert Journal is a new online briefing on contemporary culture and creativity in Russia. Updated daily and covering art, design, film, architecture and related areas, the Journal brings insight and context to a hugely significant but underexplored part of the world.

Based in London, with a network of contributors across Russia and internationally, the Journal delivers stories on pioneering creatives, fresh cultural movements and inspiring artistic projects, all presented in a distinctive format of striking visuals and outstanding design. Informed, analytical and culturally curious, the Journal is a channel for new images, ideas and discussion about Russia.

The Calvert Journal is a project of the Calvert 22 Foundation, an organisation dedicated to the contemporary art and culture of Russia and Eastern Europe. The foundation is active in four main areas – art, culture, research and learning – each of which has its own specific project.

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