City to City FAD Award

Cities are faced daily with problems, conflicts, challenges and new scenarios that require exemplary responses and solutions. In a context like the current one, where innovative ideas and entrepreneurial attitudes are crucial when it comes to improving the quality of life of cities, the FAD organises the City to City Barcelona FAD Award.

The City to City Barcelona FAD Award was founded with the objective of annually recognising any urban processes that lead to substantial transformations in the reality of a particular city. By urban process we understand the sum of actions of varying kinds (social, architectural, educational, urban planning-related, etc) with a far-reaching impact on the city as a whole.

Candidates to win the award are any processes, whether resulting from public or from private initiative, as well as any that result from a collaboration between both spheres. The result of such processes must bring a clear benefit to the citizens, an improvement in their quality of life and a contribution to «building the city».